Plastic surgery

MUDr. Tomáš Beneš

Complete body and head plastic surgery, including microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. Specification of plastic operations: Liposuction (Body jet liposuction), transfer of fat (usually to the breasts, buttocks and other body), abdominoplasty, augmentation, breast modelling, breast reduction, combinations of breast augmentation with fat transfer, gynecomastia, labioplasty, lift (various parts of the body), buttock, calf implants, application of Botox, hyaluronic acid, laser, blepharoplasty, combined procedures (combinations of multiple procedures during a single anaesthetic).

The operations carried out by MUDr. Beneš are precise and fast, and when operating on clients he considerably shortens the time they spend under anaesthesia. He specialises primarily in plastic surgery of the breasts, abdomen and buttocks and is one of the few plastic surgeons to perform combined operations under a single anaesthetic. He has also acquired many outstanding references from abroad, particularly English clients.

Medical education and qualifications

  • 2000 – MUDr. – Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Faculty of Medicine, Košice, Slovakia
  • 2003 – 1st degree attestation
  • 2007 – European certification in plastic surgery
  • Since 2008 – part of the team at the plastic surgery replantation centre at the University Hospital in Koš Specialises in microsurgery.
  • Since 2009 works at a private plastic surgery clinic in Prešov, Slovakia
  • Since 2000 works as a doctor at the Plastic Surgery Clinic at the University Hospital in Košice.
  • Since 2013 a professional guarantor for plastic surgery at the Formé plastic surgery clinic in Prague.



I underwent breast augmentation with a breast lift. Everything went perfectly smooth from the beginning. I had consultation via phone and email where dr. Benes suggested the best solution for my breasts. I am absolutely happy with the result. Everyone was very caring at the clinic and friendly. I stayed there a couple of nights and after a few more days in the apartment. I will be happy to recommend you the clinic. 

The best doctor in the world! I am a very demanding patient focused on details and Dr. Benes completely fulfilled my expectations! he took care of me with maximum furnace until my critical eye was satisfied with all the details regarding symmetry. it was a correction of liposuction after another doctor. Although I am only a few days after the procedure, I am already extremely satisfied with the result and I thank the doctor very much for everything! thanks to him, I regained my confidence and ended my long embarrassment with asymmetry after the previous liposuction. 🙂

Breast augmentation – bodybuilder, 700 ml implant

I came to the doctor after consultations with two doctors. One did not want to do any surgery for me, that I would never have nice breasts and the other wanted to give me 280ml and move my nipple up. Fortunately, I came to Dr. Beneš, who showed me everything and explained it to me! He himself came to the conclusion that I definitely don’t need any modeling and that he will give me 655 ml above the muscle (I do bodybuilding competitively, so I have big shoulders and an overall very wide chest). The operation went well, and I finally got 700ml. So far, I am absolutely satisfied and excited! I would never go to anyone else again !!!!

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