MUDr. Radek Lhotský is a certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery. He specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery and hand surgery. He worked as a secondary doctor in the UK, first in perioperative patient care at several private hospitals and then at the Plastic Surgery and Burns Clinic of Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester.


Plastic and aesthetic surgery is a field largely based on mutual trust between the patient and the doctor. Satisfaction with the result can be achieved only with predetermined realistic expectations of both sides. In a partnership dialogue with the client, I always try to achieve the most natural and functional result of the operation, taking into account the client’s wishes and possibilities with respect to the situation and the health of the patient.


He completed his medical education at the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Králové (Czech Republic) with a graduation in 2001. Subsequently, he worked at the Surgical Department in Trutnov (Czech Republic), where he obtained a general surgical erudition. In 2004 he passed the first attestation in general surgery and in 2006 he received a license from the Medical Chamber in general surgery.


MUDr. Radek Lhotský has completed a number of professional study stays, internships and courses, which have enabled him to deepen and to expand the knowledge acquired during the study of medicine and subsequent practice. The most interesting experiences are, for example, an internship at the University Hospital in Rotterdam in the Netherlands or an internship at the private clinic of aesthetic plastic surgery Dr. Tonnard and Dr. Verpaele in Ghent, Belgium.

  • 2016 Plastic Surgery Fellowship, Coupure Centre for Plastic Surgery (Dr. Patrick Tonnard, Dr. Alexis Verpaele), Gent, Belgie, 3 months
  • 2015 – Plastic Surgery Fellowship, Dutch Association for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Dr. Jacques van der Meulen, Dr. Heike Klepetko, Dr. Jeroen Stevens, Dr. Marc Mureau, Prof. Irene Mathijssen), Rotterdam, Holandsko, 3 months
  • 2013 Department of Burns and Reconstructive Surgery, FN Brno, pre-certification internship
  • 2012 Department of plastic surgery, FN Královské Vinohrady, pre-certification internship
  • 2011, 2012 Department of plastic and aesthetic surgery, Brno, pre-certification internship
  • 2009 – 2010 Senior House Officer, Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery, Whythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • 2007 Resident Medical Officer (Capio Fullwood Hall Hospital, Preston, Clifton Park NHS Treatment Centre, York), United Kingdom
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