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Brazilian Butt Lift BBL + Liposuction of 2 Areas

Description of the procedure and the resulting effect

In recent years, Brazilian butt lift has become a big trend in buttock augmentation. Clients who do not want to undergo buttock lift using a buttock implant choose a less demanding method, that is augmentation using their own fat – Brazilian butt lift (BBL). What’s important to note is that the buttocks are augmented from a half size to a full size. It is therefore more a buttock filling than augmentation.

For clients having enough fet is recommended to suck fat from at least two or three areas of the body or legs. To reach a noticeable effect,  Brazilian Buttock lift requires a minimum of 1 liter of fat  to be removed using liposuction. After the liposuction, the doctor can use approximately 300 ml of good quality fat, which is then injected into each buttock. The more fat can be extracted, the more can be injected.

Before / After Photos

Brazilian Butt Lift BBL + Liposuction of 2 Areas Brazilian Butt Lift BBL + Liposuction of 2 Areas

Description of the procedure and the resulting effect

Fat butt transfer is performed under local or general anesthesia. It takes approximately 2.5 hours. First, liposuction is performed on the selected areas. The extracted fat then undergoes a complex purification process in a closed system at the end of which only the best quality fat with the highest stem cell content remains. This is then injected into the buttocks using a cannula.


After the procedure is important to follow the post-operative instructions. It’s crucial not to develop a press at the areas where fat was applied. The blood vessels in these areas need to attach properly to the injected fat cells to supply the fat with nutrients so that the body retains as much of it as possible. We therefore recommend not sitting on the buttocks the first 7 days following the procedure and sitting down only in the most urgent cases the following week. Sleeping on the stomach or side is recommended. If you have a sedentary job, take a break for at least 16 days.

After the fat transfer, it is advisable to keep the areas where fat was injected warm to create ideal conditions for the fat to heal. It is advisable to ensure a healthy and hearty diet and to get enough fluids. In any case, it is not recommended to diet, as the loss of nutrients resulting from it could have a negative impact on the fat transfer area.

From A to Z or what can you expect?

  • fill out the form and submit photos
  • the agency contacts contractual clinics in Prague and a suitable doctor for the required procedure – we cooperate with renowned proven clinics.
  • you will receive an offer with the price and possible appointments
  • we agree on the price of the procedure and the date
  • advance payment of € 500 (The deposit is non-refundable due to the reservation of the appointment at the clinic. In case of illness or force majeure, the refund of the deposit is addressed individually)
  • the agency will arrange the flight ticket and accommodation – as agreed
  • trip to Prague
  • free transfer from the airport to the clinic
  • consultation with your surgeon at the clinic, preoperative examination (usually a day prior to the surgery)
  • procedure (day after consultation)
  • night at the clinic if necessary
  • free transfer to the airport
  • postoperative consultation if necessary
  • If you do not stay in Prague after the procedure, a postoperative check-up will take place at your local general practitioner. If you stay in Prague, your surgeon will take care of you.

Frequently asked questions about the procedure

How long does it take to heal completely?

Bruising and discomfort should subside within one to two weeks after surgery. Most patients can resume work and restricted sitting after three weeks, and a large part can resume light to moderate exercise after four weeks. Most large swellings will disappear after six weeks.

What happens when you sit down right after a buttock lift procedure?

Sleeping on your back or sitting directly on your buttocks for the first two weeks is not recommended as it creates pressure that reduces blood supply and that could potentially cause problems with the fat healing process.

How soon after a BBL can I start wearing jeans?

About eight weeks. Most surgeons usually suggest waiting about eight weeks before starting to wear tight clothing such as jeans again.

Can I sit on the toilet after a BBL?

For the first 10 days after surgery, patients must avoid sitting except when using the toilet. After the first 10 days, you can sit on your buttocks with a pillow under your thighs or use a special chair that keeps pressure off the buttock area – will be recommended by doctor.




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