Plastic Surgery for Men

Penis Thickening Using the Patient´s Own Fat

Description of the procedure and the resulting effect

Penile augmentation, or enlargement of the penis with autologous fat, takes place under general anaesthesia. First, the fat is sucked out of the preselected areas. The obtained fat is purified and then applied to the subcutaneous tissue of the penis and thus shaping it. The width of the penis increases with surgery by about 30 %.

Fat transfer procedures are used to thicken the penis During lipotransfer, fat is transferred from one part of the body to another. As a result, it will be enlarged and expanded.

Description of the procedure and the resulting effect

The principle of the operation is the transfer of the patient’s own fat into the subcutaneous tissue of the penis, which enlarges it.  Fat can be taken from around the penis in the lower abdomen, which is especially suitable for “submerged penises”, or from the abdomen or hips. This performance can be combined with  penis lengthening – enlargement.


It is advisable to avoid physical activity during the first 10 days, sexual intercourse is recommended 14 days after the operation at the earliest. For the first 2 days after the procedure, a bandage is applied to the penis. Wearing compression garment depends on the area and extent of liposuction.

From A to Z or what can you expect?

  • fill out the form and submit photos
  • the agency contacts contractual clinics in Prague and a suitable doctor for the required procedure – we cooperate with renowned proven clinics.
  • you will receive an offer with the price and possible appointments
  • we agree on the price of the procedure and the date
  • advance payment of € 500 (The deposit is non-refundable due to the reservation of the appointment at the clinic. In case of illness or force majeure, the refund of the deposit is addressed individually)
  • the agency will arrange the flight ticket and accommodation – as agreed
  • trip to Prague
  • free transfer from the airport to the clinic
  • consultation with your surgeon at the clinic, preoperative examination (usually a day prior to the surgery)
  • procedure (day after consultation)
  • night at the clinic if necessary
  • free transfer to the airport
  • postoperative consultation if necessary
  • If you do not stay in Prague after the procedure, a postoperative check-up will take place at your local general practitioner. If you stay in Prague, your surgeon will take care of you.

Frequently asked questions about the procedure

Will I have to avoid sexual activities after penile thickening procedure?

In sports and sexual life, take a break for 2 weeks after the operation. You need to heal properly; sex could disrupt the healing process.

Sexual intercourse is recommended no earlier than 14 days after surgery. Until then, try to avoid sexual activities. This also applies to masturbation.

How is the penis after the procedure?

The recommended sexual abstinence of 14 days must be observed. After this time, everything works normally, as before the surgery, erection, sex, everything as it was before the surgery.

Does all the fat remain in the treated area after the surgery?

About 70 % of fat remains permanently.



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