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Description of the procedure and the resulting effect

Implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium or zirconium. Crowns and bridges are placed on them. A removable tooth replacement can also be attached to them. With dental implants, both a gap after the extraction of one tooth as well as the entire toothless jaw can be treated.

Before / After Photos

Dental bridge on implantsDental bridge on implants
Dental bridge on implantsDental bridge on implants

Description of the procedure and the resulting effect

Insertion of implants is a painless procedure; it is usually performed under local anaesthesia. Postoperative complications are minimal. The capacity for work is not affected.

We always start with detailed planning based on a 3D X-ray of the jaws – CBCT. This method accurately shows the width and height of the bone at planned implant site , it helps to reveal the location of important anatomical structures and thus significantly reduces the risk of complications.

After the implant has been inserted and gums healed, a gum imprint is made, and a dental crown is prepared. In most cases, we make so-called screwed crowns, which are screwed to the implant with a titanium screw. The crown is highly aesthetic. The doctor can remove the crown, have it repaired, cleaned. The advantage is that there is no risk of leaving cement under the gums and no associated inflammation and implant failure.

The implant feels similarly as your own teeth and the aesthetic result is great. You will bite on crowns attached to implants like on your own teeth. Clean the crowns with a toothbrush and use a special dental floss, thus ensuring a long-term aesthetic and functional result.


The procedure is followed by a healing process, the duration of which depends on the quality of the bone, the type of implant and other factors. Healing usually takes 1 to 4 months.

Frequently asked questions about the procedure

Will I have to restrict sports or any hobbies after implantation, and if so, for how long? Is there anything I will have to avoid permanently?

During the healing of sutures, I recommend greater caution, and a soft food diet. After healing, all sports activities can be performed without restriction. A dental implant is a full dental prosthesis.

How does the surgery proceed? Will I feel anything during the implantation or is it painless?

During implantation, a titanium roller with threads is inserted into the bone to replace the tooth root. We let it heal for 2-3 months. The patient gets a temporary tooth. After 2 months, prosthetic abutment is screwed on. Then the crown is attached to the implant. It is a painless procedure. At the patient’s request, the entire procedure can be performed under analgesia or general anaesthesia.

I am in the 5th month of pregnancy. Can I have an implant inserted, or should I wait until after delivery? I have a high-risk pregnancy, but I would like to have the procedure done as soon as possible.

No, unfortunately, dental implants cannot be inserted during pregnancy due to the need to use X-rays. After delivery, dental implant treatment is not a problem.

What is the follow-up care of the implant? Will I need a special toothbrush or other tools?

The implant must be taken a good care of. Everything will be explained to you by a dental hygienist, who will show a proper cleaning practice in our surgery.

What is the lifespan of the implant? Will it last for the rest of my life, or does it need to be replaced later?

The lifespan of the implant is calculated in decades – it should last a lifetime. This is a quality system that shows 100% success. The inserted healed implant does not get replaced.

Will I feel any pressure after the implant has been inserted? I am afraid I will perceive a foreign element in my mouth.

The healed implant is fully integrated, you do not feel pressure, you do not perceive it as something foreign, at least according to what our satisfied clients report.

I have an excessive overbite, gaps, and forward inclination of the teeth. (I mean the upper palate). Can tooth inclination be influenced by implants?bb

Yes, it can. The inclination of the teeth can be influenced by inserting the implant in another axis.



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