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Jawbone Grafting

Description of the procedure and the resulting effect

Adjusting the bone for implant insertion is a completely painless procedure,  which is performed under local anaesthesia, bone grafting allows our doctor to create a suitable jawbone width and height to the extent necessary for the long-term quality result of the implant treatment. We use autografts, parts of bone from the patient’s own body, or biological material.

Jaw Bone Grafting
Jaw Bone Grafting

Description of the procedure and the resulting effect

Grafting methods, at the discretion of the physician:

  • controlled bone regeneration using special biomaterials that are covered by a membrane. Biomaterials produced by Geistlich (Switzerland), Botiss (Germany), which are perfectly compatible with the body, heal well.
  • own bone block grafts

High purity of materials, sterility of the environment and also high-quality modern equipment are guaranteed, such as:

  • implantology device of the latest generation by the company W&H (Austria) with work area lighting,
  • Piezotome  ®  – ultrasonic device, very gentle, accurate and does not damage soft tissues, effectively cools the surgical area with sterile saline solution, does not overheat the bone,
  • we perform the surgeries using Univet magnification system

We strive to perform minimally invasive procedures to reduces postoperative complications as much as possible

Frequently asked questions about the procedure

What does jawbone grafting address?

Jawbone grafting is performed when the jawbone is not strong enough for the implants to be inserted and fastened. The gradual loss of bone mass can be caused, for example, by periodontal disease, suffered inflammations of dental socket or by the  fact that at the tooth extraction site, the bone is no longer naturally strained, which reduces its volume spontaneously. The bone is strengthened with artificial material or by transplanting the patient’s own bone.

How long does the healing process take

It is absolutely necessary to follow the doctor’s recommendation after the procedure. The patient should take into account that bone healing is relatively slow and perfect regeneration requires 4-6 months. The duration of healing is individual, it is related to the size of the treated area, the amount of the supplemented part, but also to the overall health of the patient. A temporary dental replacement is made for each patient for the healing period.

What is the lifespan?

Grafting and insertion of implants will solve the patient’s issues with a given part of the dentition for a long time – the expected lifespan in most patients is up to 15 years, but the condition of the dentition and bone graft depends on the patient´s care and dental hygiene



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