Are you looking for plastic surgery or dental surgery at the highest level? See the prices of plastic surgeries in Prague. Our prices are the same as at clinics and do not include any hidden fees.

The price solely includes the surgery, it does not include other costs related to the surgery (personal consultation, overnight stay at the clinic, anesthesia, elastic underwear or bandage…)

Arms, Legs and Buttocks

Upper Arm Lift from 1 940 €
Thigh Lift from 1 900 €
Buttock Lift from 1 900 €
Liposuction of Arms, Legs, Buttocks from 850 €

Women’s Private Parts

Labiaplasty from 700 €

Plastic Surgery for Men

Gynecomastia from 1 160 €
Penis Enlargement Surgery – Penoplasty from 1 800 €
Penis Thickening Using the Patient´s Own Fat from 1 800 €
Smartgraft Hair Transplant from 1 900 €


Porcelain Veneers, Crowns and Bridges from 445 € / piece
Implants from 930 € / piece
Jawbone Grafting from 480 € one area
Reversing the Gum Recession – Gingivoplasty from 190 € one area


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