Breast Augmentation with Implants

Description of the procedure and the resulting effect

The surgeon can make an incision in the inframammary fold, or in the area of the areola of in armpit. After careful insertion and placement of the implant, the wound is sutured. After completing the procedure, the surgeon applies a sterile dressing to the wounds and bandages the breasts. Do not worry about noticeable scars. Thanks to the location of the incision, there will be only almost imperceptible scars that resemble a thin white line.
We will propose the size and shape of the implant based on your requirements and submitted photos. You can specify the quality and any other requirements regarding shape and size with the surgeon at a personal consultation before surgery.

Before / After Photos

Breast Augmentation with Implants Breast Augmentation with Implants
Breast Augmentation with Implants Breast Augmentation with Implants

Description of the procedure and the resulting effect

Nowadays, many women are dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts. Dissatisfaction can also result in psychological problems that can significantly reduce or damage the quality of life. With the help of plastic surgery, this problem can be solved. Breast augmentation helps to increase the volume and improve the shape of the breasts by using implants. This procedure is suitable for women with underdeveloped breasts or after decreasing the volume of breast due to breastfeeding or weight loss. Implants can even compensate for slight asymmetry. Although implants are not recommended for breastfeeding mothers (breast shape may change due to breastfeeding), they do not affect the foetus and are not dangerous to the foetus. The presence of implants also does not influence the ability to breastfeed. Before breast plastic surgery, it is also necessary to rule out breast disease by ultrasound (sonographic) examination, which can be performed at your doctor or at our clinic before the surgery.


A special elastic bra is worn for 6–8 weeks 24 hours a day. Sutures are absorbable. Physical activities that could strain the breasts are prohibited. The first week after the surgery, complete rest is recommended. Lighter housework is possible in 14 days, hard work, lifting weights and sports activities after 2 months. Returning to work depends on what job you do and on your own feeling of recovery. The procedure is highly effective and permanent. The result should be your satisfaction and overall boosting your self- confidence and especially your quality of life.

From A to Z or what can you expect?

  • fill out the form and submit photos
  • the agency contacts contractual clinics in Prague and a suitable doctor for the required procedure – we cooperate with renowned proven clinics.
  • you will receive an offer with the price and possible appointments
  • we agree on the price of the procedure and the date
  • advance payment of € 500 (The deposit is non-refundable due to the reservation of the appointment at the clinic. In case of illness or force majeure, the refund of the deposit is addressed individually)
  • the agency will arrange the flight ticket and accommodation – as agreed
  • trip to Prague
  • free transfer from the airport to the clinic
  • consultation with your surgeon at the clinic, preoperative examination (usually a day prior to the surgery)
  • procedure (day after consultation)
  • night at the clinic if necessary
  • free transfer to the airport
  • postoperative consultation if necessary
  • If you do not stay in Prague after the procedure, a postoperative check-up will take place at your local general practitioner. If you stay in Prague, your surgeon will take care of you.

Frequently asked questions about the procedure

How long will the breast implants last?

It depends on the material of the implant, but most implants usually last an exceptionally long time of 10–20+ years.

How long after the surgery shall I avoid exercising?

Talk to your surgeon, but basically avoid exercising for at least 6–8 weeks after the surgery. Longer activities in water are definitely not recommended! If your postoperative incisions become wet, dry them immediately. Other activities such as shopping or sedentary work, where you do not raise your hands, can normally be performed after one week. Wear your elastic underwear according to the surgeon is instructions.

Will there be in pain after the surgery?

Everyone has a different pain threshold, so it is hard to say what you are going to feel Mild to moderate pain and sometimes movement discomfort is normal. Your doctor will prescribe pain medications and their dosage can be arranged with the doctor as needed, through our assistant. The pain usually lasts 1-2 weeks and should ease every day.

Is it possible to undergo a surgery before I have children?

It is a purely personal decision. Just keep in mind that the shape of your breasts will change after giving birth and after breastfeeding. However, only the human tissue changes, the implants remain the same. You will be able to breastfeed even after inserting the implants. Most childless clients decide for breast augmentation with implants a longer time before the planned pregnancy.

How long after breastfeeding can I go for surgery?

The clinics we work with have different views on this issue, but it is usually 6–12 months after breastfeeding stops.

Can I breastfeed after inserting the implants?

Yes, you can – there is little risk of a change in sensitivity in the breast or nipple. The inserted implant may put pressure on the milk ducts, which may result in a slight reduction in the amount of milk.



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