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Nose Surgery – Rhinoplasty

Description of the procedure and the resulting effect

Rhinoplasty is most often performed by the so-called open approach. This is a small incision at the lower edge of the nasal septum and across the nostrils, which allows gentle surgical manoeuvres to be easily visible for the surgeon. During the procedure, he/she removes and reshapes cartilage or bone. The nose is then stabilized by patch and plaster splint. Finally, the surgeon inserts a tamponade into the nostrils for 24 hours. During this time, the patient can only breathe through the mouth.

No visible scars remain after the nose surgery. The scars are hidden at the lower edge of the nasal septum.

Description of the procedure and the resulting effect

Based on the submitted photos, the surgeon will suggest a method of nose surgery and we will inform you about the proposed method. Details will be clarified on a personal consultation before the operation. Nasal plastic surgery includes shrinking, expanding, removing nasal deformities, reshaping the nose tip, and correcting the nostrils. Correction of a deviated nasal septum (septoplasty) as part of a nose surgery also eliminates breathing difficulties. The surgical procedure always depends on the individual needs of the patient. Before the procedure, a consultation is necessary to find out what result can be achieved in your case, as well as other important information.


You leave the clinic with a plaster splint. You will have to have it on your face for about 1–2 weeks. During this time, the nose is reinforced and gets formed into the desired shape, so rest and caution is therefore recommended. Bruises also get absorbed in about 2 to 3 weeks. Then your new nose will show its beauty.

From A to Z or what can you expect?

  • fill out the form and submit photos
  • the agency contacts contractual clinics in Prague and a suitable doctor for the required procedure – we cooperate with renowned proven clinics.
  • you will receive an offer with the price and possible appointments
  • we agree on the price of the procedure and the date
  • advance payment of € 500 (The deposit is non-refundable due to the reservation of the appointment at the clinic. In case of illness or force majeure, the refund of the deposit is addressed individually)
  • the agency will arrange the flight ticket and accommodation – as agreed
  • trip to Prague
  • free transfer from the airport to the clinic
  • consultation with your surgeon at the clinic, preoperative examination (usually a day prior to the surgery)
  • procedure (day after consultation)
  • night at the clinic if necessary
  • free transfer to the airport
  • postoperative consultation if necessary
  • If you do not stay in Prague after the procedure, a postoperative check-up will take place at your local general practitioner. If you stay in Prague, your surgeon will take care of you.

Frequently asked questions about the procedure

Do I have to wear plaster splint and tampons?

A plaster splint is applied to the nose, which the patient wears for 10-14 days. The doctor will remove the tamponade after two days. Although the plaster splint is removed after 14 days, the patient should apply it for another two weeks at night. This avoids the possibility of damage to the nose during sleep. Three weeks after the operation, it is possible to start massaging the skin on the bridge of the nose. The bruises and main swellings disappear within 14 days after the operation, although a slight swelling of the nose can sometimes occur half a year after the operation. After six months, the patient will see the final result.

How long will there be swelling and bruising?

The swelling usually lasts no longer than 6 months. After this time, the swelling will be almost imperceptible. Some people are more prone to bruising, they can be visible for up to 2 weeks.

When can I return to my normal workout?

You can start your routine exercise approximately 4–6 weeks after surgery. Do not do anything that could increase the swelling of your nose, so avoid keeping your head lower than your heart. Start exercising slowly to see how it goes.



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