Facts about plastic surgery in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the pioneers in the field of plastic surgery. In 1932, it was the first country in the world to recognize plastic surgery as an independent branch of medicine. 30 years later, plastic surgery has become a licensed field. The Czech Republic has qualified doctors and an extensive network of clinics.

Czech doctors have achieved international recognition: for example, Bohdan Pomahač led the team that performed the first complete facial transplant in the USA and the third complete facial transplant in the world.

  • Our typical client is a woman aged 31 to 50 years.
  • The annual increase of foreigners to undergo plastic surgery in the Czech Republic is 15%.
  • A Czech plastic surgeon performs 415 operations a year.
  • A large percentage of clients are men. Some clinics report a threefold increase in male clients.

In recent years, private facilities have invested in acquiring the latest technologies, including the use of robotic surgery and access to current diagnostics and medical devices, and offer English-speaking specialists with many internationally recognized qualifications, experienced and trained in Western countries.

The Czech Republic has a rich history and is a highly cultivated nation in Central Europe. Since joining the EU in May 2004, the country has embarked on a stable journey to embrace European solidarity and modernization, which resulted in large numbers of tourists and easy travel. Its location allows easy access from many parts of Europe and other destinations around the world. The capital city of Prague is the gateway to the country and the centre of health care. It provides foreign patients with high quality and cheaper alternatives to treatment compared to their home countries.



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