Liposuction of the hips

I am 41 years old and even though I play sports regularly, I could not get rid of my hips above my buttocks, the so-called “love handles”. My good acquaintance recommended the agency myMedical Prague, which arranged a surgery in Prague for her.

I contacted them with a request for liposuction of the problem area. The agency offered me a BodyTite liposuction solution very quickly and also at a reasonable price. I underwent the intervention. I was worried about the intervention and also about the trip and my stay in Prague. I found that my worries were unnecessary, everything went smoothly.

Now it has been 5 months since the intervention and my body finally corresponds to my dreams. Apart from the nausea on the second day after the operation, there were no complications.

In Prague, there are people who speak Italian, German and English, no problem to make yourself understood !!!

Roberto, 03/2020



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