Breast Lift

“My name is Cinzia and I am Italian, 45 years old, in recent years I have gained a few pounds that weighed me down and caused me a breast problem.

It was too big and saggy for me. For several years, I dreamed of surgery and the possibility of changing this condition, but the high cost of the procedure partly prevented me from doing so and partly there was a little bit of fear too.

Then one day I talked to a friend and she told me that her daughter had a breast augmentation with implants done in Prague. In the evening, I searched on Google and happened to find an ad for myMedical Prague. I do not know why, but my instinct prompted me immediately – believe them. I sent an e-mail in Italian right away and they responded quickly in perfect Italian. They asked me for photos and what procedure I am interested in. They assisted me with all the preparations, I found a hotel and booked an appointment. Although several people tried to get me to change my enthusiastic decision, I bought a ticket and flew to Prague. From the beginning, I was received with great kindness. I found a high level of professionalism was satisfied throughout the entire stay. It has been 7 months since the surgery and I am really happy to have made this choice, so that I intend to return there for another plastic surgery in a year.

In Prague, there are people who speak Italian, German and English, no problem to make yourself understood !!!

I recommend My Medical Prague to anyone who wants to but does not have the courage to change the detail of their appearance! ”

Cinzia, 03/2019



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